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Hack Your Sun
(Over) Exposure

Why we should all know & care
about UVA & UVB rays

Did you know that South Africa (along with most other countries in the southern hemisphere) ranks extremely high
on the global solar UV index? Who knew?

Ultraviolet rays (UV rays), particularly UVA & UVB are harmful to our skin. According to a WHO document, as much as 80% of UV rays pass through clouds1 and are reflected off surfaces such as snow, sand, water & even grass. That same WHO document states that, for every 1000m increase in altitude, UV exposure levels increase by approximately 10%, so my Joburg peeps should be especially careful!

What is the difference between UVA & UVB? UVA rays penetrate the skin deeper & are responsible for premature aging (called photoaging) & increase our risk of melanoma. While UVB rays are what cause sunburn & ultimately skin cancer1.

Excessive exposure to the sun without sun protection even when we don’t burn increases our risk of skin cancer. By excessive we mean daily exposure to direct sunlight between 10am & 4pm without sun protection even on cloudy days, even in winter!

We tend to think that because it isn’t the peak of summer & we aren’t lying on a beach that we are less at risk…in the words of Dwight K. Schrute, “False!”. We are at as much of a risk on cloudy autumn days & hazy winter days as we are in high temperature blue sky days.

We need to be informed about the hazardous UVA & UVB rays and their negative effects on our skin, and with this information we must protect ourselves to ensure the longevity of our skin and ultimately the longevity of our lives. We need to become warriors for our health & our bodies.

Why is the Island Tribe range of sun protection so special?

It’s designed to give us maximum protection against both UVA & UVB rays & it is dermatologist approved. It is irritancy tested, so can & should be used daily especially if you’re exposed to high doses of direct sunlight.

Island Tribe’s range of products is anything but “traditional” sun protection. The Island Tribe Invisible Sprays are excellent protection for everyday outdoor use (& perfect in your beach bag as well). The Invisible Sprays are enriched with vitamin E which help prevent premature aging. Best of all they feel invisible…Like you are not wearing anything at all!

Now that we know what UVA & UVB are, and care about how bad they are for us…we should be adding Island Tribe’s range of products to our daily skin care routines to ensure we are protected from their harmful effects.

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