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We’ve all been there…it’s a beautiful sunny Saturday, the smell of burning charcoal from the neighbourhood wafts through the air, that sun lounger is looking absolutely perfect! A jar filled with your favourite mocktail/cocktail & a tall ice filled glass, your cozzy, your favourite pair of sunnies, some good tunes and off we go! Lapping up every minute and loving it!

Hours later however not loving it so much…and looking back on it, we really should have opted for some sun protection!

What we do not realise is that besides for the sometimes-unbearable sting & pain that comes with sunburn (& shivers + sweats), is how bad today’s sunburn is for tomorrow’s skin. Not only tomorrow (as in actual tomorrow) but figuratively every tomorrow in your future. It is this kind of intense sun exposure, resulting in sunburn that increases our risk of other skin damage & diseases, including premature aging of the skin & skin cancer.

We all want our skin to match our age, don’t we? Ideally, we want our skin to be younger than we are. Some of us spend our days buying & eating healthy food & keeping active to ensure our “age according to our medical aid” is younger than we are, so why are we not as conscientious when it comes to looking after our skin?

Photoaging, is the premature aging of the skin which comes from repeated & intense sun exposure without protection. We want to limit overexposure to the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays…UVB rays are what cause us to burn while UVA rays penetrate deeper causing photoaging & increased risk of melanoma. Results of photoaging include us having weakened connective tissues which reduce the skin’s strength & elasticity1. And can cause deep wrinkles & dry rough skin which will make our skin much older than we are!

Anytime we are outside from 10am-4pm1, for work or play we must use sun protection to ensure the longevity of our skin.

If we have to be out, exposed to the sun during these high-risk times, applying a water-resistant sunscreen & lip balm with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 or higher will give you broad-spectrum protection against those photoaging UVA & UVB rays.

Island Tribe’s range of world class sunscreen products are dermatologist approved, recognized by the CANSA organisation as a prevention against skin cancer & are developed & clinically researched by leading sunscreen laboratories in South Africa & Australia. And can be found in 25 countries around the world.

Island Tribe’s Anti-Ageing Face Cream is enriched with collagen & vitamin E, can be used as an everyday face cream & will ensure your face is protected against harmful damage by the sun’s rays.

The Island Tribe Light Lotion range comes in 30, 40 by 50 high protection-factor formulations, & has been designed to give maximum protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays. Its easy enough on the skin for daily use & best of all when applied to the skin offers that light feeling. And if that wasn’t enough its water resistant to boot.

While we’re talking about best practices to keep our skin younger than we are we must remember that sunscreen should be applied 15-30 minutes before exposure & then re-applied every 40-80 minutes1 to ensure maximum protection.

So, enjoy the moments life offers you, but use the best protection to ensure your skin ages well & stays younger than you are!

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