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What do Thando, Kevin, Kgomotso, Annelise,
Nevashini & Wikus all have in common?

Firstly, they are all members of the Rainbow Nation! Secondly, they are all at risk of skin damage from exposure to the suns’ harmful rays. We are all part of one Tribe…the Island Tribe! And as members of the Island Tribe, we all need to ensure that we look after ourselves & our skin. We all need protection from the harsh African sun.

There is a massive misconception that sunburn only happens when we are at the beach lazing away the days & that our skin is strong enough to tan easily without burning. The fact is that more of us can get sunburnt during everyday normal activities. And, that every skin type can be damaged by overexposure to UV rays. The damage is permanent, irreversible & all adds up to increase our risk of skin cancer13.

Another thing that most of our Island Tribe warriors have in common is that most of us are unaware of how bad UV rays are for our eyes. Yes! Our eyes! UV rays can damage our retina & cornea which could lead to serious damage (like cataracts)1. So, warriors please…always ensure you’re using Island Tribe’s SPF 30 lotion (at a minimum) & wearing sunglasses with UV blockers whenever you’re outside & directly exposed to the sun (even on cloudy days)!

Another misconception is that those with darker skin tone don’t have to worry about the sun’s negative effects or protect their skin. While there is a lower incidence of skin cancer amongst those with darker skin tone, it is important to note that people with darker skin tone that when diagnosed with skin cancer, are often at a more advanced stage. Everyone one of us is at risk of the harsh African sun13.

That’s why Island Tribe’s range of sun protection is ideal for the everyday adventurer! Whether we’re out on-site breaking ground on that project, meeting a client at that outdoor restaurant uptown, or down at the beach on holiday, Island Tribe has an SPF lotion ideally formulated & suited to our lifestyles.

The range of Island Tribe Invisible sprays come in SPF 30 & 50, are fragrance free, non-irritating & dermatologist tested. They are also water resistant & because they offer that light invisible feeling are perfect for everyday use!

So why not trust Island Tribe to keep you protected on your daily adventures!

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